A TACLABS, Inc Division. Guiding investigative forensics through Microstamping technology.

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Procurement Process

PinRecon provides a purchasing portal for Federal, State, and Municipal Law enforcement Entities to select and acquire Microstamping firing pins for their respective firearms. All quotation and procurement requests must proceed according to Federal, State, and Municipal purchasing statutes. All such transactions shall be conducted lawfully and ethically. 

To begin the initial process, start by filling out the form below with the necessary contact information to begin the process. PinRecon will process all inquiries within 30 days, and follow up on contractual protocols will need to be conducted before a quotation can be fulfilled.

PinRecon reserves the right to deny access to its technology, and participating entities are subject to an evaluation and inspection for suitability.

Please fill out the contact form to begin the inquiry process.

Actionable Intelligence

PinRecon™, a division of TACLABS, Inc, provides access to intelligence. The goal is to take this intelligence product and make it actionable with the data provided by Microstamping. Microstamping entails tracking criminal activity through unique codes on cartridges recovered from crime scenes.

“The policing world does not automatically defer to the analysis arm of the service when making decisions; people prefer their instincts.” Intuition is important in investigation, but science is bulletproof. Supporting a structure of knowledge means finding patterns from data and setting a path.” Our services provide that structured path. This fusion of mind and technology is the perfect culmination to make the job of law enforcement easier, allowing instinct to be thoroughly supported. [Ratcliffe, Jerry. Intelligence-Led Policing. 2008. Willan Publishing, 2008, pp. 98–99. Accessed 28 Mar. 2022.]

Our Logo Represents:

    • Knowledge
    • Pattern
    • Path

Learn more about the TACLABS, Inc Microstamping initiative. 


Law Enforcement as a Vanguard

Law enforcement acts as the vanguard of safety and justice, standing at the forefront of adversity and security for communities nationwide and worldwide. In the 21st century, technology has become a staple in providing accuracy and reliability within forensic investigations. By spearheading the utilization of technology, law enforcement demonstrates they are willing to embrace new and upcoming methods to make their work more effective and decisive. It instills trust in their ability to investigate crimes within communities accurately.


Integration for firearm manufacturers is a great way to test and distribute microstamped firearms. Fill out the form below to start the process.



Civilian Use

Civilians will have access to microstamping services for firearm pins that they send in for processing, after going through the application process.